Hackathon Completed!

Hackathon Snapshots



The Challenge

In a future where your whole life is connected, all your devices will report to you in real time; what they are doing, the resources they are consuming, how they are responding to real time events, etc. Take several smart plugs with sensors, deploy them across a few private households and you will have an uncountable number of connected devices, processing an unimaginable amount of data that help us gain insights into how to advance our lives.

This future is possible today, and your challenge is to make it happen NOW.

You must:

  • 1Build a scalable solution that can process up to 4 billion events within a short period of time
  • 2Build your solution in pre-configured cloud environment running on Apache Stratos with Kubernetes
  • 3The solution should come together with testing documentation, and complete 2 queries.
See more details about the challenge here

Evaluation Criteria

  • The evaluation team will run the full dataset against each team’s provided solution
  • The solution should be capable to scale and process all data within the given period of time
  • A script for automation of the solution though recommended, is optional

Resources Provided

Pre hackathon week

  • Webinars / tutorials / samples on Apache Stratos and WSO2 Analytics Platform

During the hackathon

  • WSO2 PaaS environment run on Apache Stratos (scalable upto 200 docker instances per team)
  • IRC channels open for 24 hours for any help.

How do I participate?

10 teams of two, comprising of one enterprise architect and one developer, will be chosen.

Fill out the registration form before September 15, 2015, telling us how you think you can rise up to this challenge.

We will inform the selected teams by September 18, 2015.

The Prize

All successful teams will get an Amazon Echo each and passes to attend WSO2Con US 2015.

    The most successful team will receive

  • Full conference passes to attend WSO2Con US 2015, inclusive of travel, accommodation, and the opportunity to present your solution at the conference.
  • $5000 in prize money.